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DongGuan Areconn Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd
Dongguan Areconn Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Dongguan Areconn") was founded in 2001, specializing in the development and manufacture of automation equipment of lithium battery production with high precision,and high performance , the products are widely used in high-quality lithium battery, polymer battery, power battery and other production industries. Areconn  after more than 10 years of accumulating, coating, rolling, cutting, winding technologies are at the leading level, enterprises become the legendary representative of the lithium battery equipment industry. The company has a team of synchronization with the international design, adhere to lead the design concept of industry.Have extraordinary performance in mechanical, electrical, software, visual inspection and other related areas, coating, rolling, cutting, winding, winding technology are at the forefront of the domestic. The company has a number of invention patents, design patents, utility model patents, has been leading the domestic high-end brand in lithium battery enterprises, patents covering coating machine, roller press, slitting machine, winding machine, lamination machine and other key production equipment of lithium batteries, become the top-level supplier of key equipment of lithium technology in domestic,its performance has reached the world advanced level, instead of South Korea, Japan imported equipment. At the same time the company has established a close cooperative relationship with famous universities such as South China University of Technology, to promote technology progress of the company.
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