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Power type fully automatic pole ear welding machine
      Yinhe technology (300457.SZ) announced on May 16th, the company intends to pay the transaction price of 438 million to acquire 100% stake of Dongguan Areconn the cash payment ratio is 30%,the payment of the issuance of shares accounted for 70%,And by inquiry issued to no more than 5 specific investors to raise matching funds with non-public offering of shares, the total amount of raising is not more than 438 million yuan, for the payment of cash on the price and the main business of listed companies related projects.
     Dongguan areconn Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Dongguan Areconn") was founded in 2001, specializing in the development and manufacture of automation equipment of lithium battery production with high precision,and high performance , the products are widely used in high-quality lithium battery, polymer battery, power battery and other production industries. Areconn after more than 10 years of accumulating, coating, rolling, cutting, winding technologies are at the leading level, enterprises become the legendary representative of the lithium battery equipment industry. The company has a team of synchronization with the international design, adhere to lead the design concept of industry.Have extraordinary performance in mechanical, electrical, software, visual inspection and other related areas, coating, rolling, cutting, winding, winding technology are at the forefront of the domestic. The company has a number of invention patents, design patents, utility model patents, has been leading the domestic high-end brand in lithium battery enterprises, patents covering coating machine, roller press, slitting machine, winding machine, lamination machine and other key production equipment of lithium batteries, become the top-level supplier of key equipment of lithium technology in domestic,its performance has reached the world advanced level, instead of South Korea, Japan imported equipment. At the same time the company has established a close cooperative relationship with famous universities such as South China University of Technology, to promote technology progress of the company.
         YInhe technology chairman Wang Weidong said, the acquisition of Areconn will realize powerful combination of both sides, the complementary advantages, resource sharing, give full play to the synergy of both sides in the brand, technology, research and development, channels, customers, suppliers, through combing the development of both the focus, to avoid vicious competition, the effective management of both productivity and asset allocation to form the scale effect, after the completion of the acquisition, which will build the stronger foundation of to be strongest provider of Lithium ion battery intelligent production line solution in domestic.
      Areconn has been committed to the brand since its foundation ,through continuous improvement of product quality, service and integrity to build own brand, and establishing a good brand reputation in the world, which has strong influence in the industry.After years of accumulation,Areconn rely on efficient delivery and excellent quality of equipment, has gain the constantly recognition of downstream customers and has established a cooperative relationship with the main battery manufacturers,which continuously improve customer’s stickiness, and obtain considerable economic benefits ,at the same time, also set up a good brand image in the industry.
        YInhe technology as the first domestic lithium battery equipment listed company, since its foundation has been committed to research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service of lithium ion battery automatic production equipment, the company after years of accumulation, is currently the only one provider to provide a comprehensive lithium ion battery intelligent production line solution. The company on the basis of existing technologies of lithium battery automation production line,,combined with MES, integrated motion control, image processing, laser measurement, robot technology to enhance product innovation and development, actively import the concept of industrial 4, build industrial robots and large data centers, establish the collaborative platform of the whole value chain, accelerate the construction of intelligent enterprise. Committed to the implementation of advanced manufacturing industry 2025 and 4 goals, so as to promote the transformation from manufacturing business from traditional manufacturing to intelligence.YInhe committed to the realization of advanced manufacturing 2025 and the goal of industrial 4.0,promoting the company's business change from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.
        Industry experts said the transaction will help to improve the technical level and profitability of the company, to strengthen the radiation effect and the demonstration effect of YInhe and Areconn in the industry, taking advantage of the brand, is conducive to the efficient management and transformation capacity, create new point of profit growth, to expand the advantage in research and innovation, the scale of production, the whole line the marketing.it will promote to enhance the original performance, enhance the ability to resist risks, and promote the leapfrog development of the company, for the interests of company and shareholders to provide more stable, reliable performance guarantee, at the same time, to provide new impetus for the listed company's main business development, will rewrite the lithium equipment industry pattern.
Attached: development of Areconn
-  coater field
In 2008, Areconn launched the first transfer type coater after 8 years of continuous improvement and innovation,is known as high precision and high stability .competitors can not match,as  precision unchanged for three years and the main roller is not worn for five years.
In 2012, the successful launch of the first slit type coater
The successful development of precise coating head and the system of checking thickness.
2014, launched with independent intellectual property rights of slit type coating machine, coating technology into the world's advanced level.
In 2016, launched the world's first automatic coating lithium battery with double side docking zero speed tape splicing machine.
Slitter area
In 2008 launched a lithium slitter
In 2010 launched a new generation of slitter with independent property rights, completely replaced Japan imported products, and launched a CCD sub machine.
In 2011 successfully launched the first diaphragm separator.
In 2012 launched a new generation of diaphragm separator, completely replace the Japanese imported products.
In 2014 launched the first slitter with fillet(7mm)in domestic
In 2015 launched the first slitter,which slitting speed 100m/min in domestic.
In 2016 successfully developed the world's first automatic slitter with non friction reclaimer double turret
Areconn has become the leading brand in the domestic lithium industry slitting machine.
- the field o f welder
In 2005, was known as successful launch the first chip automatic welder in the industry.
In 2006, the first horizontal welder was developed successfully s, and imitated by competitors in 2009,which determined Areconn as industry benchmark.
In 2007-2011, developed a variety of semi-automatic, quasi full automatic square, circular winder.
In 2012 ,proprietary automatic winder with three square needle was introduced firstly and successfully in 2012
In 2013, launched the first electronic cigarette winder in china.
In 2014, developed the first T type winder in China.
In 2015, the introduction of the 25PPM automatic winding machine with three pin round , developed G type winder.
2016 launched EV 6PPM full automatic power winder.
2012 launched China's first dual servo plating rolling machine, with twelve major advantages over competitors.
2014 successful R & D hot press can be adjusted roll gap online .
2016 launch of double turret automatic exchange pole piece roller.
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