Sincere Cooperation / Share Double Wins
In June 2006,Yinhe technology company was established, which integrates the development of automation equipment, production and sales. In December 2006,the first batch of semi-automatic lithium battery winder was developed successfully. In May 2007,the company's first automatic lithium electricity equipment successfully developed. In September 2007,our equipment come to the fore in the industry, has won the user high praise, as sales climbing, the company moved the new factory and expended the plant area. In August 2008,Yinhe technology company was awarded the high-tech enterprises in shenzhen city. In December 2008,our r&d team has grown and product variety has increased, the main product "round winder" get good reputation in the industry. In February 2009, yinhe launch new products "automatic production machine series"rely on its superio performance ,it has quickly become the market to be bestowed favor on newly. In may 2009,Yinhe again to expand production, the production area of about 10000 square meters After the relocation. In June 2009 ,the founder Wang Weidong as entrepreneurial model interview with CCTV "dialogue,In the program,he Shared his entrepreneurial experience to the television audience and XiaoZhiHeng, deputy head of guangdong province. In April 2010,Yinhe launch "coating, rolling, a series of slitter", mark yinhe close to "provide lithium electricity production automation complete set plan" products target further. In December 2010.Yinhe launched of the gem IPO plans, and signed public service  agreement with renowned institutions which are ping an securities and Chinese lawyers, international in the trial. In March 2011, Yinhe moved to new location, new plant area of 26000 square meters. In May 2011, yinhe purchase 300 acres of land economic in development zone of yi chun city, to proposed to the construction of lithium electric equipment production base and research and development building project that YInhe in jiangxi industrial park projects. In May 2011, Start the management consulting about the mechanism innovation and team building. August 2011,Set up subsidiary corporation in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province. In February 2012 Yinhe technology company held the 2011 Annual General Meeting of shareholders  successfully. In April 2012,Yinhe technology company was awarded the "Shenzhen famous brand" title. January 2013 , Huizhou Yinhe technology Co., Ltd. was established, the registered capital of 50 million yuan. In October 2013,Yinhe won the title of 2012 year of top 50 in high-tech and strategic emerging industry "in Longhua district. December 2013, packaging, injection, and other back-end products into the market, the more complete equipment production line was formed. In January 2014, The research Institute on lithium electric automation equipment (referred to as the "Institute") was formally established, marking the company on the new step in technological innovation and product development ability. In May 2014 the company won the honorary title of "famous brand in Guangdong province". In September 2014, Yinhe technology company was awarded the honorary title of " Science and Technology Innovation Award in LongHua " in 2013. In November 2014,Yinhe technology company won the title of "National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprise" . In May 2015 ,YInhe technology company officially listed on the gem, the stock abbreviation: Yinhe technology, stock code: 300457. Set up YInhe University of science and technology Set up the International Institute of research Adjust operating structure
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